aPpRoPiRaTe! was made to appropriate complete video files found in file sharing networks with minimal effort.


As soon as a movie, either as a dvdrip or a camrip is fed into a P2P network it's changing it's nature from beeing a product of the film industry to beeing a collaborative work that has undergone several transformations.
First it was intentionally ripped and second encoded using software that applied complex mathematical transformations to the data.
A downloaded movie file is the sum of the [>1] original film, [>2] the work of the mathematicians who laid the theoretical foundations for [>3] the programmers who designed the encoding software / the codec and [>4] the ripper / spreader who finally uses all that software to intentionally make the [>5] movie widely available.
[2] – [4] usually stay invisible in that process leading to the wrong assumption that [1] == [5]. That's the logic copyright infringement argumentations build on. Apart from the fact, that copyright is wrong anyway [>6] aPpRoPiRaTe! is used to turn [5] into my 'work of art' [7] that (clearly) != [1].

For lossy video compression several techniques to save space are applied. The one I exploit is that of delta frames. An encoded movie doesn't contain all full frames but only a few of them (key frames) – the rest of the frames are just saved as the difference between different frames. Any frame that is not a key frame is calculated out of the last key frame and all following delta frames. By simply manipulating / deleting the key frames of a moviefile it's easily possibly to transmogrify that file with minimal effort. Such a manipulation is technically just copying of data just a little different from how it usually would be done - but it reveals the nature of found movie files as collaborative works.